Africa Agilty

Africa Agility Girls in Tech Initiative October 2022

Africa Agility, as a goal to empower 500,000 Africa female youths with tech & Agile skills and creating new paths for jobs in the technology industry.

Our team values initiatives that can give these youngsters space and resources to work on tech-related abilities and ensure they are qualified for jobs in the technology industry, while also maximizing our partnerships to provide them with internships, jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Since 2019, through technical training, talent development, placement, and enterprise incubation, we have been on the front foot bringing initiatives that give young women in Africa the chance to develop their competencies, positively impact their personal and professional futures and inspire them to work on building a better future for themselves. We are inspiring mentorship for these bright young minds and nurturing the future of Africa’s young population.

We have transformed the lives of 6500+ female youths in Africa and continues to invest our time and expertise to seeing young Africa female professionals thriving in the global community and grabbing every chance they must improve their lives.

The October Virtual GIT 2022, bootcamp, targets 500 female youths in 15 countries Malawi, Tanzania, Egypt, South Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Togo, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroun, Senegal, Angola

The program will qualify candidates, assess their current competencies, provide them eLearning contents, then enrolls them into the bootcamp followed by 90 days of mentorship by industry experts.

The Learning paths in this training are:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Data Science

Agile Scrum Framework

Web Development

Design (UI/UX)

Branding and Marketing

Product Management

The final stage is placement for internships or jobs with the sponsoring businesses, and early-stage girl- techpreneurs. The bootcamp covers topics such as: UI/UX, Design Thinking, Product Management, Agile Scrum, Brand & Marketing, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Agile certification, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, and teamwork. 

The bootcamp ends with a 2-day Hackathon challenge, where the girls develop digital solutions that solve Africa socio-economic problems within the 15 Sustainable Development Goals, and a show and tell of the digital solutions built by the girls at the grand finale judged by industry leaders.

Through partnership with Scrum Alliance ® – (the world largest Agile trade association), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification at the end of the bootcamp.

Testimonials from past participants


David Adewale
Head of UI/UX
Ndane Ndazhaga.
Head of Web Design
Edwin Nsunhusi
Head, Data Science/ Machine learning
Oluwakanyinsola Sowemimo
Head Artificial Intelligence
Micheal Obiofiong
Faculty head, Learning and skill acquisition