Africa Agilty

Event Detail

  • Start Date 05/24/2021
  • End Date 06/11/2021
  • Location Lagos

Africa Agility has a goal of ensuring a digital economy for Nigeria through empowering the Nigeria female youth with the necessary digital skills to compete in the digital world.

Africa Agility is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire a movement that changes the Agile and digital business world in Africa. Our mission is to touch lives, one breath at a time through education programs in digital agile and technology.

Girls in Tech is a program designed to develop the female youth with Agile, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UI/UX, Web Development, Data Science and entrepreneurial competencies. These skills are needed to improve performance and drive business success in Tech, which is the driver of the 4th industrial revolution. Our lineup trainers include experts in the field of Agile, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Robot, Machine Learning and Data Science, Product Management, Software Development and Product Design.

Are you passionate about the participation of women in tech? Are you inspired by our mission to foster women’s growth in tech and business communities through mentoring and education? Are you looking for career and volunteer opportunities that are fulfilling and rewarding?

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