Africa Agilty

Event Detail

  • Start Date 12/09/2019
  • End Date 12/09/2019

Africa Agility in partnership with Odyssey Educational Foundation participated in 2019 Hour of Code to energize, encourage, and empower students with coding skills. The power to create is strong within every young person and a large percentage of youths are ready to jump on any opportunity to “create” using codes.

Hour of Code was first launched in late 2013 by a Non-Profit Organization,, and has since been executed annually.

During the program, children/youth learned how to code and gained substantial knowledge of how computer programming/coding works. Over 100 children/youth participated in the event at three different centers, they had great fun experiencing different coding activities

Students took a journey through the world of Minecraft, one hour of coding at a time. They were taught how to play games with characters they were already familiar with and learnt skills in a fun and exciting environment. Hour of Code offered three Minecraft activities that helped to teach students the principles of coding. These three modules include Minecraft Designer, Minecraft Adventurer, and Hero’s Journey.

Each activity consisted of several challenges that got students using block coding to program their Minecraft characters. Students learned about important coding concepts like loops, variables, and functions by participating in these mini-challenges.

In this activity, kids got hands-on coding experience in the world of Minecraft. Another activity that got the attention of the students was Dance Party: one hour of coding by programming their own dance party. Students used blocks of code to choose different dancers, change their dance moves, make them respond to the music, and make them interactive. After the completion of the program, a certificate of completion was awarded to them.

The future of our country depends on today’s youth, and it is important to develop the necessary skills to bridge the technology gap. Despite being constrained by poor internet connection, time factor and limited laptops, Hour of code 2019 was a success and we look forward to a better one this year. Our mandate was one million kids but we were handicapped by funding, we look forward to a better 2020.