Guidance and Support for Your Tech Journey

MentorH3R is a three-month program that connects Girls in Tech TrainH3R graduates, access to diverse industry leaders as Mentors,  helping them to better their skills, personal growth, and networking opportunities.

This program offers:

  • One-on-One 
  • Group Mentorship
  • Peer Mentorship 

Provide young tech talent a platform to interact with seasoned professionals who can mentor and guide them to grow in their various tech fields.

Expected Results

We expect that the mentees will have developed new soft and hard skills to enable them to get internships or entry-level roles in Tech. By 2030, 80% of the trained females had access to professional networks, career growth, and support.

Target Audience

Graduates of the Girls in tech Bootcamp who achieved 100% participation in the hackathon challenge

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A mentee will be able to see the list of mentors available, click on the mentor’s profile and book and appointment with the mentor.

Yes, to be a mentee, the individual must have actively participated in the GIT boot camp with a 90% grade and also 100% participation in the hackathon 

At the end of the mentorship program, the mentees will be evaluated through the assessment radar, a mentee with a 90% grade after the program will go through either HireHer or IncubateHer. If you and your mentor wish to continue your relationship, it is encouraged to do so.

Mentees will be required to fully participate in the weekly and monthly activities of the programs and also have a one-on-one session with their mentors once in a week.

There will be soft skills workshop training with professionals, Mock interviews to groom the mentees for real job interviews, there will also internal webinars on industry topics for career development.

Yes, to be accepted into the program a mentee will need to pass the skills assessment to determine the mentees skills before the program.

Yes, Mentees will be encouraged to work on any real case projects of their choice during the program which will be guided by their mentors

The Mentorship program will run for three months, however, mentees can still be in communication with their mentors after the program.

Mentees will be required to take a final skills assessment to determine the mentee skill after the program. This will be done through the ‘Assessment Radar’. Mentees will also be required to publish what they gained during the program on their socials

Yes, after being selected for the program, mentees will need to join a private community for communication and interaction. The communities will be supervised by the growth managers to ensure mentees participation and growth during the program.


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