Africa Agilty

I was opportune to be among the 100 girls in the just-concluded girls in tech training who seemed “It’s bigger than coding” sponsored by Africa Agility. Before this, as a web developer, I always had the intentions of adding design skills to my developing skill but I never got an opportunity. Thanks to Africa agility and Mrs Aanu Gopald I was selected to be among the hundred girls to learn about tech and I was under the UI/UX cohorts. My tutor David Adewale made it so easy, comfortable and exciting to learn.
At the end of the training, there was an academy where I and my team worked on building “A traffic management system” for Lagos State. Thank you Michael and Edwin for making my scrum training a wonderful one. Thank you Mrs Aanu Gopald for This great opportunity. I am entirely grateful to Africa Agility and Lagos State.