Africa Agilty

My experience in Africa Agility Girls in tech Bootcamp 2020 has been an amazing and inspiring one for me. A friend who believes in me sent me a link to apply. At first, I felt I might not make it to the 1st phase of selection. So I felt reluctant to apply. My sister learnt of this and encouraged me to apply and luckily I got shortlisted with the100 girls who participated in the programme. I joined the web development cohort and took part in the scrum training which was an interesting experience. The tutors were encouraging and helpful. In two weeks we had the boot camp which rounded off with a hackathon. During the hackathon, I was able to team up with amazing girls from other cohorts such as UI/UX, Data Science, Artificial intelligence and machine learning. We were given a task to develop a system in less than two days! We applied the knowledge we acquired during Scrum training to brainstorm and develop the system. At times, we disagree and agree. It was an emotional moment for us when we learned that we aced competition. Personally, the experience has motivated me to do more. It was indeed beyond coding. Thanks, Aanu Gopald, Africa Agility team and Lagos State for the opportunity.