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A 3weeks boot camp that recently held in the city of Lagos was a conscious effort at attracting young female talent into the IT sector. Technical skills like web development, product design, and data science were taught and then a 2-day hackathon that required the participants to leverage in-class dispensed knowledge in building real life applicable solutions was held followed by a pitch session to present the merits of each solution.

Industry experts who served as Judges included Funmi Coker Technology Leader CISCO Nigeria, Ms Abimbola Adesemowo from Medcourt, and  Lekan Ogunbanwo MD/CEO PlusTV Africa and they helped evaluate the solutions presented by the participants which cut across logistics, tourism, entertainment, commerce and education.

Africa Agility in collaboration with Impact Lagos had just wrapped up its September 2021 female-only bootcamp- a successful inroad that targeted the 50% of top tech talent that the rest of the industry struggles with attracting and optimizing. Other important partners who made the bootcamp successful included SAHCO, Medcourt, and Cisco Nigeria.

This is the 3rd Cohort and a significant milestone as the organization looks to expand its reach, was the summary provided by Nafisat Ojolowo an important Africa Agility partner-representative.

A recent research by PricewaterhouseCoopers- a global Consultancy powerhouse- asserted in part that  “Females aren’t considering technology careers as they aren’t given enough information on what working in the sector involves and also because no one is putting it forward as an option to them”.

When considered alongside the statistic that out of one hundred persons involved in the technology field, only 25 women make up that number and even more alarming, only 3 black women makeup that number, then the audacious target of bridging this gap that Africa Agility has set itself becomes even more appreciable.

“It’s day one of my data science class and we used the ‘Jupiter notebook’. It’s so interesting, I’m so happy to be here…and I can’t imagine learning all of this alone, it would have been tougher” are Funyi Igiri’s effusive testimonial after completing bootcamp day one, a powerful indication that Africa Agility is just not another tech startup, but is on an impact mission comparable to the greatest technology companies on the planet.

Africa Agility over the years has embarked on several initiatives in line with its vision of a dignified smarter and brighter future for children and youths of the underserved community and the entire continent as a whole. These include STEM for Rural Areas; Agile in Higher Education; Enterprise Incubation and Girls in Technology.

Our mission is to touch lives, one breathe at a time through educational programs using digital agile methods and technology, youth development to raise NexGen leaders that will transform nations and bring about sustainable improvement into the lives of underserved young people through strategic collaborations.

As a non-profit organization that aims to transform, leapfrog and enable Africa to be a leading digital economy. Africa Agility Foundation envisions building a smarter generation of leaders who will take Africa towards the superhighway of progress to a continent that can innovate faster than any other continent in the world.

The Africa Agility Founder, Aanu Gopald furnishes the following commentary on her vision: “All around the world, digital transformation is becoming a critical factor in long-term, sustainable social and economic growth, and Africa is no exception. As Africa is poised to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, the key action that will drive growth over the next two decades is the adoption of Agile and digital technologies, hence equipping the youth particularly the underrepresented gender with digital competencies.

While acknowledging that the gender gap in the industry requires urgent attention, a more significant issue that Africa Agility Foundation is poised to solve is to showcase African talent to the world, especially the global-level talent that African female tech professionals possess.” Aanu added.

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