Africa Agilty

At Africa Agility, touching lives one breath at a time is what we do. We are not just a Non Governmental organization (NGO) but a fast-rising company that helps Africans regardless of economic background and race learn technology skills and create new paths for jobs in the technology industry. 

We achieve this through four core programs

Our Journey

Since inception in 2018, Africaagilty has been on the front foot bringing quality education to young adults in Africa. With core competence in AGILE framework, digital skills not limited to UI/UX design, web development, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and more, Africaagility has been impacting lives positively.

We’ve been able to train over 2000 young people in digital skills and majority have gone on to enjoy better opportunities and became gainfully employed while others have been empowered with vital mentorship opportunities.

We take delight in our drive to empower Africa one step at a time. We have strong faith in Africa’s young population and the only way to create the sort of future we want is through intentional mentorship and training opportunities to shape the future.

Founded by Mrs Aanu Gopald with industry stakeholders, we’ve continued to inspire and positively impact the bright stars of Africa. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is geared toward ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, Africaagility has been a major player.

We deploy necessary resources to bring quality education to young adults in Africa and position them for global opportunities towards improving quality of lives as well as the development of Africa.

The Journey Ahead

The future of Africa is too important that it cannot be left to chances. We have to be intentional to create the sort of future that Africa deserves. We are a major player in bringing positive changes across all Africa and that is why we continue to invest resources to develop our human resources. Through partnerships with different stakeholders across Africa, we plan to deliver quality education in tech to as many young people as possible. We are inspiring a movement that will transform the future of Africa through community-based education, youth development, mentoring, and enrichment programs to help young people develop skills and strength to dream and thrive in the global community. Our belief is that young people can improve their lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, and access to resources.

We’ve trained over 2000 young people in tech over the last 2 years through our periodic Agile training that equips young people with relevant skills and strong foundation in building a career in tech programming and technology. Our mission is to equip 100,000 young people with relevant skills such as Agile, artificial Intelligence, machine learning, UI/UX design and entrepreneurial skills.


Our mission is to touch lives, one breath at a time through educational programs using digital agile methods and technology, youth development to raise NexGen leaders that will transform nations. Our highest priority is to bring a sustainable improvement into the lives of underserved young people. To achieve this mission, we seek to work collaboratively with other organizations from the highest levels of government to local communities.


We envision a society where all young people have access to the education, opportunities, skills, and resources needed to achieve their ultimate socioeconomic potential. Beyond just sustainability, we thrive to empower young people to create opportunities for themselves as well as others. Our goal is to groom young people to start and grow thriving businesses.

Aanu Gopald
Benjamin Gopald
Advisory Board Member
Sally Elatta
Advisory Board Member
Ife Durosimi Etti
Advisory Board Member
Foluso Gbadamosi
Advisory Board Member

Operations Team

Aanu Gopald
Michael Obiofiong
Director of Learning & Skills Aquisition
Nafisat Ojolowo
Program Director
Goodness Ehizode
Enterprise Growth Lead
Joshua Theophilus
Brand & Communications Manager
Anu Tenibaje
Community Manager


Micheal Obiofiong
Faculty head, Learning and Skill Acquisition
Adewale David
Faculty Head, Design (UI/UX)
Ndane Ndazhaga.
Faculty Head, Web Development
Edwin Nsunhusi
Faculty Head, Data Science/ Machine learning
Oluwakanyinsola Sowemimo
Faculty Head, Artificial Intelligence
Victoria Ogunrinola
Artificial Intelligence Trainer
Omonefe J. Dame-Oboh
UI/UX Trainer
Joshua Theophilus
Digital Marketing Trainer