Imagine having access to the 21st-century model of learning from anywhere in the world, at any time that suits you. That’s exactly what our Edugility program offers!

Whether you’re a teacher, educator, student, or just someone who is enthusiastic about learning, Edugility helps you develop modern teaching skills and techniques that will enable you to foster a learning environment that promotes knowledge exchanges.


Equipping student, educators, and institutions with the mindset, skills, competencies, and resources they need to be more efficient and productive to reach their full potential.


We envision a world where the Agile mindset and practices is a way of life in the African educational sector to help the teachers and students reach their full potentials

Our Offerings


Creating an Agile-based learning environment

Enlighten the government, educators, and the educatees that the future of learning is Agile and Outcome-Oriented.

Unleash students’ enthusiasm for learning, empowering them, and transforming school culture into a dynamic 21st century learning model

Expected Results

A  transparent team

From students to Leader

Higher, better grades

Fun and fast learning environment

Target Audience

Educatees- secondary and tertiary institution students



Brands and organizations

Institutions and Professionals

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Yes, our pre-recorded materials would be available on the platform and need to be accessed over the internet using a computer, tablet or phone device

No, this is totally free to secondary schools and universities

It is self-paced learning, so you can decide when you are to start after the onboarding process

Edugility is curriculum inclusive, so agile can be incorporated into all courses

Edugility is well simplified so that a computer beginner can conveniently use the platform

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