Girls In Tech

African Girls In Tech is a 5-month program designed to provide training, mentorship, career and entrepreneurial prospects to young African women, leveraging modern technology and Agile skills to improve their livelihood, develop economic catalysts, and bridge the gender and economic gap in underserved regions.

Our Approach



2-month instructor-led, project based bootcamp

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3-month mentorship by industry experts for job readiness



Internship and job placement opportunities with our partner companies



6-month Entrepreneurship Training, Pitching, Funding and Business Support


Equip and empower 500,000 African Girls by 2030.

Expected Results

TrainH3R: By 2030, 500,000 girls will have received training

MentorH3R: By 2030, 80% of the trained females will have access to professional networks, career growth, and support.

HireH3R: By 2030, 60% will be employed

IncubateH3R: By 2030, 10% of graduates will become founders of tech startups.

Target Audience

Undergraduates, Unemployed & Low income African women ages 18-25

Our Offerings

School of Product
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Product Design

In this discipline, we train our ladies to become product designers with an understanding of interface design and knowledge of user-friendly design.

Product Management

In this discipline, we teach our ladies how to manage a product from the ideation, development, and go-to-market stages.

Digital Marketing​

Our ladies are trained to be all-around digital marketers with content marketing, social media management skills etc.

Branding and Marketing​

We train our ladies in this discipline to excellently implement strategies that add value for customers, creating a reason to buy, use, or share what your company has to offer.

Scrum Mastery

In this discipline, we teach our ladies scrum and train them to become exceptional scrum masters.

School of Engineering​
Cloud Computing

Our ladies are trained to become cloud engineers, they are IT professionals that build and maintain cloud infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence​

In this discipline, we train our ladies to become AI engineers who can develop, test, and deploy AI models through programming algorithms like random forest and linear regression.

Frontend Development

We train in front-end development to equip our ladies with the skills needed to create engaging and user-friendly digital interfaces that are essential in today's technology-driven world.

Backend Development​

We train our queens in back-end development for them to acquire the skills necessary to build efficient and high-performing web applications that can handle complex data processing and business logic.

Mobile App Development​

We train our ladies to use programming languages and development skills to create, test and develop applications on mobile devices.

School of Decentralized Technologies
Web 3

In this discipline, we equip participants with the skills they need to develop decentralized applications and prepare them for the future of the internet.


We train in IoT to equip participants with the skills to design and develop smart, connected devices and applications that can improve efficiency, automation, and decision-making in various industries.


We train in cybersecurity to help our participants develop the skills and knowledge required to protect digital systems, data, and networks from cyber threats and attacks.


We train in crypto to equip our ladies with the skills they need to understand and work with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets that are transforming the financial industry and creating new opportunities for innovation and investment.


We train in NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, to prepare our ladies for the growing trend of using blockchain technology in order to create unique, verifiable digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded like physical assets.

School of Data
Data Science and Machine Learning

In this discipline, we train our ladies to become Data scientists that are exceptional in designing and constructing new processes for data modeling and production using prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis.

Talk to our support team

For inquiries about the Girls in Tech Program, reach out to our support team



GIT stands for Girls in Tech

The GIT program lasts for 5 months

  • Product Design( UI/UX)
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development 
  • Scrum Mastery
  • Product Management 
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Data Science 
  • Branding and Marketing 

The program runs two to three times in a year.

Yes, all of our courses are hands-on, with a three-day hackathon challenge using the scrum framework in the eighth week.

No, it’s strictly for girls/females

Yes, there are two assessments that candidates must score 80% and above in order to be accepted into the bootcamp.

The GIT Bootcamp is a hybrid (physical and online) program. If you want us to run one in your city, please email us at We are open to females in geographically disadvantaged areas in Africa.

 This bootcamp offers a gateway for graduates to enter into the next program that fosters the next step toward launching into the tech industry career of choice (mentorher), landing their dream job (HireHer) or launching their own business (IncubateHer).

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