IncubateH3R is an incubation program for African women who want to turn or scale their business idea into a product and a game-changing startup.

We understand that starting or scaling a business may be a daunting endeavour, especially for women entrepreneurs who face unique challenges in the marketplace. That is why we have developed a program to help women take charge of their business and accomplish their goals.

Our program provides a comprehensive suite of resources to help women company owners attain success, including access to entrepreneurship skill training, mentorship, capital, networking opportunities, and entrepreneurial experience.

This program includes a range of services:

  • Access to funding opportunities, expert mentorship, and networking events. 
  • Training and support on topics like business strategy, marketing, and financial management
  • Entrepreneurship skills training
  • Networking opportunities with startup founders in your industry
  • Founder’s team initiative

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey, apply today and join a network of empowered female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business in Africa.


Grow the network of African female startup founders solving real-world problems & creating positive social impact in the society

Expected Results

By 2030, the number of female tech founders has increased by 40% 

By 2030, the representation and participation of women in various fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity and biotechnology would have increased by 60%

Increased funding for female startups by 20%.

Target Audience

Aspiring female techpreneur Female tech startups founder Investors

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The goal of the business incubation program is to provide early-stage funding, mentorship, and access to industry-specific resources to help African female entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Qualifying participants for this program must be female entrepreneurs who have a working business idea or have been part of the Git Bootcamp and have completed it successfully. Either will need to submit a 3-minute pitch upon application.

To apply for this program please visit our website to fill out an application form. Please make sure that all required documents are completed in full before submitting your application.

 Financial support through this program may include loans, grants, and/or investments in exchange for equity in a participant’s business. The amount of financial support will depend on the individual’s goals and stage of development.

Participants will also be eligible to receive crucial mentorship from experienced industry professionals as well as access essential resources such as networking events, workshops, research materials, and more.

No. In order to be considered for the incubation program, interested applicants are expected to fill in the application form completely before the deadline.

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